Contracts and Agreements

2020 Contracts & Agreements

  • 06/16/2020- Contract for Services Publishing Services to Serve as Official Newspaper of Record 
  • 06/16/2020- Intergovernmental Agreement for Election Supplies and Services 2020
  • 06/02/2020- Memorandum of Understanding City of Bisbee and Bisbee Senior Association Senior Center Agreement 
  • 05/05/2020- Amendment #1 to Professional Services Agreement between the City of Bisbee and Dog Cat Mouse Media, LLC, for Marketing and Design Services 
  • 05/05/2020- Purchase Contract to Provide and Install an Aviation Fuel Management System 
  • 05/05/2020- Memorandum of Understanding between the Bisbee Fire Fighters Association Local 2146,  PFFA-IAFF and the City of Bisbee 
  • 04/21/2020- Agreement for Airport Property Manager and Maintenance Services City of Bisbee 
  • 03/17/2020- Memorandum of Understanding Related to Medical Transport Services 
  • 03/03/2020- Amendment # 1 to Agreement between the City of Bisbee and The Bisbee Council on Arts & Humanities, Inc. An Arizona Corporation, Regarding a Museum and Visitor Center Position
  • 02/18/2020- Purchase of 18 Tasers to include batteries, cartridges, maintenance & support for BPD from AXON Enterprise, Inc. 
  • 02/04/2020- Maintenance & Management Agreement between Spillman Technologies and the BPD to incorporate a new Mandatory Uniform Crime Reporting System (NIBRS)
  • 02/04/2020- Purchase Material and Installation for Ultraviolet System upgrades to the San Jose Waste Water Treatment Plant 
  • 02/04/2020-  Contract for Services with Ambulance Medical Billing (AMB) for Ambulance Billing Services 

​2019 Contracts & Agreements 

2018 Contracts & Agreements 

2017 Contracts & Agreements

  1. Acceptance of Gifts to the City From SBouchever
  2. Amendment 1 to Agreement Operation of an Animal Shelter in Bisbee 121917
  3. Bisbee to Benson Transfer Agreement FAA
  4. Contract for Engineering Services Souder Miller Assoc.
  5. Contractor Agreement between the City of Bisbee and Interim Public Management LLC 071817
  6. Cooperative Intergovernmental Agreement between the City of Bisbee and the City of Douglas for Equip
  7. Distribution Service Agreement Contract No. 17-0102483
  8. Employment Agreement Robert E. Smith. City Manager City of Bisbee (2)
  9. IGA between the City of Bisbee and the City of City of Tombstone for Waster water Operator Services
  10. IGA BUSD 2 and COB Joint Use Park Area Middle School
  11. IGA -COB-CC Regarding Provision of Procurement Services
  12. IGA Supporting the Continued Operation of the Cochise County Tourism Steering Committee and Approving Related Activities
  13. IIGA between the Fry Fire District and the City of Bisbee Fire Department for Wildland Services
  14. Information Technology Services Professional Services Agreement- Executech
  15. Interagency Gov. Agreement between City of Douglas and the City of Bisbee Intercity Route Services
  16. Intergovernmental Agreement for Legal Services July3, 2017 to June 29, 2019
  17. Intergovernmental Agreement for Solid Waste Disposal Services 041817
  18. MGreene On Call Contract for Services 060617
  19. MOU between COB and CCHC, INC
  20. MOU COB Fire and Palominas FD Per Diem Firefighter Agreement
  21. Non-Solicitation Agreement between Executech Utah Inc. and City of Bsibee AZ
  22. Official Newspaper of Record 2017-2018
  23. Professional Auditing Services Contract for Services COB_ Hinton Burdick PLLC 062017
  24. SEAGO Mini-Grant Partnership Agreement - Voucher Program
  25. State Plan of Operations between the State of Arizona and the Bisbee Police Department
  26. STIFEL Engagement Letter 121917
  27. Subaward Agreement between The SEAGO Area Agency on Aging and City of Bisbee Subaward ID No. 110-18
  28. Third Amendment- For the Sale and Purchase of Reclaimed Water COB and Freeport
  29. Vactor Truck Loan-Zion Bank

2016 Contracts & Agreements

  1. 2016 Fireworks Productions of Arizona Fireworks Ship Show Contract
  2. 2016 IGA for Election Supplies and Services
  3. 2016 Lease Agreement Womens Transition Project Inc
  4. Agreement between City of Bisbee and the Friends of the Bisbee Animal Shelter
  5. Agreement for the Appointment of the City Magistrate for the Magistrate Court of the COB
  6. Agreement Visitor Center Annex - Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum
  7. Arizona State Forestry Division Cooperative Intergovernmental Agreement
  8. Arizona State Purchasing Cooperative Agreement 2016
  9. AZ Dept. of Housing - Enforce Installation Standards
  10. Base Hospital Emergency Medical Services - Supporting Service Agreement
  11. Bisbee Historical and Mining Museum Lease Renewal 060716 to 071521
  12. Contract for Bus Shelters 090616
  13. Court Consolidation Agreemnet by and between the City of Bisbee and Cochise County
  14. CSO Century Link
  15. Distribution Service Agreement Contract No. 16 0097185
  16. Employment Agreemnet Richard J. Marsh Jr. City Manager
  17. ENTECH Service Agreement Banner Health Contract Number 0101-02-54755
  18. Grant in Aid Agreement between the Tohono O odham Nation and the City of Bisbee 010116
  19. IGA ADOT CAR No IGAJPA 16-0005920-1
  20. IGA between the COB and the County of Cochise for Planning and Zoning, Subdivision Development, and
  21. Intergovernmental Agreement by and between Cochise County and City of Bisbee Regarding the Provision
  22. Legal Representation Agreement_ Bisbee Police PSPRS Local Board Grasso Law Firm
  23. Modification to IGA between the State of Arizona and COB effective 070116
  24. MOU Related to Medical Transport Services
  25. Official Newspaper of Record 2016-2017
  26. Payment Center Agreement - Softgate Systems
  27. Professional Service Agreement KEG Adams Chip Seal Project
  28. Professional Services Agreement Cultrual Resources Survey -Tintown
  29. Purchase Contract Emergency Vehicle Group, Inc for an Ambulance January 5, 2016
  30. Purchase Contract Wester States Fire Equipment for a Fire Truck 020216
  31. Sales Contract of Maccaferri Inc. Products
  32. Souder Miller Associates (SMA) Professional Services Agreement for Engineering Architectural _ On-
  33. Subaward Agreement between SEAGO Area Agency on Aging Subaward ID No. 110-17
  34. Subaward Amendment No. 110-16-1 SEAGO Agrea Agency on Aging, Region VI
  35. Subrecipient Agreement Operation Stonegarden Grant Program - Overtime and Mileage 15-AZDOHS-OPSG-150
  36. The Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network - MOU
  37. Tombstone Canyon Retaining Wall Gabion 111516
  38. Westland Resources Inc PSA for Engineering and Architectural OnCall Services
  39. WLB Group PSA for Engineering and Architectural OnCall Services

2015 Contracts & Agreements

  1. Alta Land Survey Inc. Professional Services Agreement Mansfield Lot 012015
  2. Amended IGA Agreement between PFD and COB Regarding EMS Equipment and EMS Personnel
  3. Animal Shelter Agreement - Kathy Flood 010615
  4. Cochise County Public Safety Mutual Aid Agreement 110315
  5. Contract COB CDBG FY 15 Regional Account Technical Assistance for Completion of the TinTown Street a
  6. Contract for Services City of Bisbee Bisbee Public Transit Service City of Douglas
  7. Contract for Services City of Bisbee On-Call Consulting Services- Melanie Greene. M. Greene, Plannin
  8. Contract for Services- COB-PB-J Design- Toursim Website Redesign and Marketing Material Redesign 072
  9. Department of Corrections Inmate Work Contract ADC Contract No_ 15-057-19 031715
  10. Disaster Assistance Agreement for State Proclamations (Political Subdivisions) 060215
  11. IGA between Cochise County and City of Bisbee for Sharing of the Wireless Emergency Notification Sys
  12. IGA between the COB and Palominas Fire District Auto Aid for Fire Protection and Other Emergency Ser
  13. IGA between the State of Arizona and the City of Bisbee 2015
  14. IGA Palominas COB Regarding EMS Equipment EMS Personnel 061615
  15. Intergovernmental Agreement For Legal Services between the City of Bisbee and Cochise County Attorne
  16. L.E.A.P. Contract for the Operation of the City Pool 2015 Season 031715
  17. MOU between Arizona Department of Revenue and COB 070115 through 063016
  18. MOU for Automatic Assistance between the COB Fire Department and the Palominas Fire District 051915
  19. Professional Services Agreement Between Owner and Enginner City of Bisbee and Armstrong Consultants
  20. Release and Settlement Agreement Freeport Minerals Corporation and the City of Bisbee 110315
  21. Second Amendment to the Agreement for the Sale and Purchase of Reclaimed Water
  22. Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (SAVE) Cooperative Purchasing Agreement 031715
  23. Streetlight Energy Agreement between APS Company and COB APS Contract No. 201407050 012015
  24. Streetlight Maintenance Agreement between APS Company and COB APS Contract No. 201407049 012015
  25. Streetlight Pole Use License Agreement between APS Company and COB APS Contract No. 201407051 020315
  26. Subgrantee Agreement OSGP Equipment 13 AZDOHS OPSG 130415 03 040715
  27. The Developmentof AsBuilt Drawings for the Off-Site Tintown Sanitary Sewer Proj. Prof. Services Agre
  28. The Urban Land Institute-Arizona Technical Assistance Panel Agreement 040715

2014 Contract & Agreements