Summer Reading Program 2017

The Copper Queen Library's Summer Reading Program is free and open to grades K - 12. Pre-registration is strongly recommended for incentives, including books, notebooks, bookbags, and required for all field trips. The 2016 program, "Read Our Town," will offer classes -- in the library and field projects -- taking the reading into the city parks and environs. Classes include government and civics, physical sciences, writing biographies, radio recording, fire safety, art, and sports. Registration forms are available at the Copper Queen Library, City Hall, and here. Classes are limited. Additional bus services and support will be provided by the City of Bisbee. Classes will be on Wednesdays from 10:30-12:30. 

Registration forms available at the library.


WEEK 1 | June 7

Introduction to the Library and Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Location: Copper Queen Library
​The first week of SRP will include an introduction and tour of the library and a literary treasure/scavenger hunt where participants will answer questions, complete tasks, and retrieve items from the shelves of the CQL as a means to learn more how the library is organized.
​Teacher: Jason Macoviak
​Assistant: Donna Gaab

WEEK 2 | June 14

The Mayor and City Governance

Location: Bisbee's City Hall
​Week two features an introduction to city government and a mock election with Bisbee Mayor David Smith and city staff.
​Teacher: Mayor David Smith
​Assistant: Jason Macoviak

WEEK 3 | June 21

Bisbee's Treasures with Freeport McMoRan

Location: Lavender Pit
On week 3, we will be heading to Freeport Land for a guided field trip to the Shattuck Mine Shaft.  We will learn about the history of copper mining and explore the treasures in the earth.
​Teacher: Robert Quintanar of Freeport McMoRan
​Assistant: Doug Graeme of the Queen Mine Tour

WEEK 4 | June 28

Recording Community with KBRP Community Radio

Location: The Bisbee Royale
Week 4 finds us at the Bisbee Royale, home of local radio station KBRP, where we will explore how a non-profit radio station and arts and education center helps support community.  We will also be writing and recording for the radio.
​Teacher: Ryan J. Bruce, Director of KBRP
​Assistant: Alison Williams

WEEK 5 | July 5

The Biography Project: Portrait of an Elder

Location: Bisbee Senior Center
On week 5 we will be travelling to the Bisbee Senior Center to interview, photograph, and write short biographies, pairing youths with our seniors, to tell their stories.
​Teacher: Mark Levy, Photographer for the Bisbee Daily Review/Sierra Vista Herald
​Assistant: Alison Williams

WEEK 6 | July 12

The Smoke House with the Bisbee Fire Department

Location: Bisbee Fire House | Route 92
This week we will participate in a real smoke house used to train fire fighters.  We will also learn about fire safety and participate in a water hose demonstration.
​Teacher: Marc Burnliet, Bisbee Fire Chief
​Assistants: Bisbee Firefighters

WEEK 7 | July 19

Working Artists

Location: Central School Project
​At the Central School, we will learn from professional working artists how art support community and how an artist can make a living doing what they love best: ART!!
​Teacher: Laurie McKenna, Director of Central School Project
​Assistant: Bridget Shanahan, Local Artist and Graphic Designer

WEEK 8 | July 26

Pickleball Clinic and Pool Party

Location: Higgins Park
On the last week of Summer Reading Program, we will learn the sport of pickleball on Bisbee's new pickleball courts and then have a private pool play.  Afterwards, the library will host a Pool Party and BBQ with the Bisbee Police Department, Public Works and all of our sponsors.  Everyone is invited!


Fridays, 10:30 - 11:30

Location: Copper Queen Library
​This summer, the Preschool Reading Hour will feature special programs and incentives for over the eight-week Summer Reading Program.  Special programs include presentations by AZ State Parks and the Bisbee Fire Department.  Special incentives include books, educational toys, and other fun materials.
​The Preschool End-of-Summer Party will be on Friday, July 21 and will feature a Middle Eastern-themed dance party, complete with belly dancers, food, music, and, of course, books!  All are invited.