Pritchard Gallery

Pritchard Gallery

In March of 2017, the walls of the library’s newly renovated Reading Room became a part of the library’s latest addition, the Pritchard Gallery, an art gallery that will feature four Bisbee artists per year.  The gallery is named after the Copper Queen Library's first Librarian, John G. Pritchard, who came to Bisbee in 1887 to serve as Chaplain and Librarian, and later as Postmaster, for the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company.  All art sales will be handled through the artist. 

Copper Queen Library Community Art Shows

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Pet Portrait Gallery Square
Miniature Art Show Square
BHS Student Show
Love Letters to the Unvierse Frame
Pritchard Shanahan
Pritchard Sloan Bouchever
Pritchard Bovee

MARCH - JUNE 2018 | Ruby O'Dell

Ruby Odell Detail
Detail from Homage to Spike Draper 3 | Collage

DECEMBER 2017 - FEBRUARY 2018 | Boyd Nichol and Laurie Kintzele


Boyd Nichol | Photographs
​A long-time resident of Bisbee, local historian, photographer, and man about town.
​"The Bisbee graveyard always interested me photographically, and I began photographing stones shortly after we arrived in town.  But it was, and is, the spare histories on the stones that began to fascinate me more and more."

Laurie Kintzele | Charcoal & Watercolors
"I have been drawing since I was five and now work primarily in charcoal. Skeletal creatures of all kinds -- animals, birds, insects, plants, and rocks -- populate a desert landscape of space and light.  I carry a small sketchbook, stick charcoal and a small eraser, looking around, waiting for the inner dialogue to stop.  I often draw while walking, seeing things in a more three dimensional way, which helps keep the line fluid and the desire to capture at bay.  Just seeing."
boyd nichol photograph
Main Street, Bisbee, Arizona | 2017 | Boyd Nichol
​Hand-tinted photograph
Laurie Kintzele2
"Charleston Bridge, San Pedro River" | 2015 | Laurie Kintzele
​Charcoal on paper

SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER 2017 | Jan Searle

Artist's Biography:

​Jan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art in 1978. She has received numerous awards in regional and national juried competitions including the Faber-Birren National Color Award Show and the Bisbee Plein-Air Competition. In 2015 she received a $5000 grant from the Robert Howard Trust Foundation. Jan works mostly in pastels and oils and is known for her vibrant use of color and her unique compositions.
Jan Searle
"All of Us Are Immigrants 2014"
​Pastel on canvas

JUNE - AUGUST 2017 | William Panther

Artist's Statement:

​Bill Panther was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1946.  After graduating from high school, he attended the York Academy of Art in York, PA for three years.  Bill has continued to produce art throughout his life while earning a living in jobs not related to art.  Bill has shown his work in various venues.  His paintings appear in a number of private collections.  Bill works in both egg tempera and oil.

​Bill is married to Patricia Panther.  He has two children and four grandchildren.  Bill's family brings him great joy and pride.  Bill and his wife moved to Bisbee in 2008.  Bill finds inspiration in the beautiful town of Bisbee and the surrounding high desert.  He likes to hike the local trails, observing the wonderful variety of plants and animals found there.  Local culture and history, as well as the iconic Sonoran landscape, inform Bill's paintings.

​For information on prices and purchasing, please call Bill Panther at 520-432-3244.

​Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of art displayed in the Pritchard Gallery will be donated to the Copper Queen Library.
Bill Panther Painting
"Deluge on the Susquehanna"
​Oil on Masonite
​Image size: 15.75" x 25.5"

MARCH - MAY 2017 | Matthew Macoviak

Artist Statement:

For the last several years, the brilliant sunshine of Arizona has inspired the artist to capture the intense contrast of his subjects which include everything from the mountainous landscapes to abstracted details of mundane objects within his environment.

​Macoviak first starting snapping photographs when he picked up his father’s Kodak Retina 1B in his early twenties. He developed a love of black and white film photography as he learned the manual functions of the camera. Years later after setting aside his old film camera, a new spark emerged as he realized the potential of a new tool he possessed, his iPhone camera. This body of work represents the rediscovery of black and white photography in this new medium.

​For information on pricing and purchasing prints, please contact Matthew at
​To check out his Instagram, please click here.

​Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of art displayed in the Pritchard Gallery will be donated to the Copper Queen Library.

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