2021 Ordinances

Ordinance O-21-14: Authorizing the Acceptance of a Transfer of Real Property located at 300 Campbell St. from Southeast Arizona Renovations LLC fto the City of Bsibee 
Ordinance O-21-13: Authorizing the Re-Recording of a Certain Quit Claim Deed to Aileen Weaver to correct the Legal Description on Property Adjacent to 48 Wood Canyon 
Ordinance O-21-12: Zoning Code Amendment Zoning Code Article 6, Section 6.4 "Walls and Fences" by inserting Screens 
Ordinance O-21-11: Authorizing the Sale and Transfer of Certain Property Located at 121 Fort Huachuca Lane, City of Bisbee
Ordinance O-21-09: Establishing the Bisbee Workforce Hosuing Initiative 
Ordinance O-21-08: Amending the Zoning Code of the City of Bisbee, Adding Article 10B, Recreational Marijuana Establishments and Testing Facilities 
Ordinance O-21-06: Authorizing the Acquistion of Real Property from Annie Robbins to the City of Bisbee
Ordinance O-21-05: Authorizing the Acceptance of a Transfer of Real Property from Southeast Arizona Renovations LLC to the City of Bisbee 
Ordinance O-21-04: Permanent Increase inthe Transient Lodging (Bed) Tax Levied by the City of Bisbee by an Additional Two and One Half Percent (2.5%) of the Gross Revenues or Values that are subject to such tax, in Addition to the Applicable Transaction Privilege Tax Rate; Amending the City Tax Code
Ordinance O-21-03: Adding to Subsection 5.3.2(B)(1) to Establish the Right to Rebuild, Utilizing the Setbacks of a Demolished or Burnt Structure on the Same Parcel in the Bisbee Historic District 
Ordinance O-21-02: Rezone APN 102-15-057, Owned by the City of Bisbee, From C-2 to RM; 302 South Washington Avenue 
Ordinance O-21-01: Rezone APN 103-62-489, Owned by Marie Asaro, From R-1 to CM-2; 60 Main Street