How can i find out what's happening at the library?

There are several ways to find out what programs are happening at the library.

  1. The Library’s webpage [] offers an online calendar that patrons can either click and view or subscribe to.
  2. Patrons who use Facebook may follow the Copper Queen Library ‘s Facebook [Copper Queen Library (Bisbee, AZ)] page to get updates on library information, programs and events.
  3. Patrons may subscribe to weekly emails sent out by our program coordinator.  The emails give updates on upcoming programs and other library-related news.
  4. Program posters and flyers are available at the library. Flyers are posted in several locations around the library and monthly flyers are available for patrons to take home at the front desk.
  5. Weekly events are also published in the Bisbee Observer and the Herald/Review Calendars.

Copper Queen Library Facebook Page

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