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Together, Alone: Community Voices Documenting Life in the Pandemic


  2. Together, Alone

    “You do not write alone,” Herbert “Tico” Braun told his University of Virginia students. “The mantra of our course is, ‘Write it down. When you do, much of your life and who you are will be different than if you don’t.” Writing is a wonderful tool to help make sense of, and record the world around us. The Copper Queen Library’s new community blog, “Together, Alone”, sets out to document our community’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, through writing and images. Become part of this historical record, created in real-time documentation, by submitting an entry here. Submissions can be poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, ruminations and reflections, or art and photography; all forms of expression documenting how we cope, survive, and live as our lives change. This blog will be a living document of these experiences, and will become an historical record that we will be able to look back on. Help us record this time through your personal lens. Limit: 2500 characters. Please upload your art as a JPG.

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