Summer Reading Program 2021

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Welcome to the Copper Queen Library’s Summer Reading Program, Tails and  Tales!  We are so excited that you will be participating in this year’s program.  There are plenty of things to look forward to this summer —     including weekly packets of free and fun stuff to help you celebrate a summer full of reading, writing and sharing stories.  Each week, you will receive a package from the  Copper Queen Library which will include a free book for you to add to your home library, as well as a program activity guide full of fun ideas that you can  do at home or with friends. The Copper Queen Library is also planning some free outdoor programs for you and your family, including our First Annual Pet Parade!  This summer we will also be featuring our new program with our Friends at the Bisbee Animal Shelter called Read to Shelter Animals!  Lastly, we have created a Summer Reading Blog at so that you can share your projects with all of the other participants.  If you are unable to upload your projects to the blog, drop them by the library so that staff can upload them for you.

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"Hi everyone, its Jason from the Copper Queen Library!   I just wanted to say hello and say how much we miss you all here at the Main Library in Old Bisbee and the Annex in San Jose.  I want to encourage all of you to register for this year's Summer Reading Program so that you can receive weekly packages from us in the mail that will include all sorts of fun books and activities to keep you entertained this summer.  I also want to ask each of you to share some the library projects you complete this summer on our Summer Reading Blog that we created just for you!  This way, we can keep in touch with each other and see what everyone does over the next couple months.  From all of us at the CQL -- Alison, Kathy, and Damaris -- Happy Summer!"
SRP Blog 2021
Patrons are encouraged to share their summers with all of our Summer Reading Participants to our Summer Reading Blog.  Each week, the Library will be sending out books and programs guides full of writing and drawing activities that you can upload to the blog.  We'll start with uploading short introductions of ourselves and go from there!  Participants can upload writing samples or photographs that will help chronicle our summer in Bisbee together. 

Read to Shelter Animals

The CQL has partnered with the Bisbee Animal Shelter to create our Read to Shelter Animals Program.  This program allows children and their parents to go into the shelter (by appointment) and choose a book from our Library Collection of pet books to read to the shelter animals.  This program is intended to provide an opportunity for kids to practice their reading skills in a comfortable setting.  Animals don't judge a child's reading skills which may encourage hesitant or struggling readers to practice and gain confidence.  Animals, it turns out, also benefit from story time. Animals in shelters are often lonely and in need of interaction. Reading to animals at a shelter can give them some much needed one-on-one time with a companion in a calm, non-stressful setting. It can also help skittish dogs and cats develop social skills that give them a better chance of being adopted.

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Dial-A-Story is a free service that allows patrons to call the Copper Queen Library to hear a children’s story.  New stories are added weekly and are available to listen to in both English and Spanish.

Call 520-346-6123 to hear a story today!

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Check out the Library's YouTube Channel for virtual library programs including Story Time from our Early Literacy Coordinator Samantha Goerlich who will be recording weekly preschool story times each week from the San Jose Annex.  Also look for special guests including Sonia Allen, Bisbee's fitness guru, who will be incorporating exercise and movement into her preschool story times. 

Youth Freewrite
Youth FreeWrite is a creative writing class taught by Alison Williams and Gretchen Hill.  The class is open to participants between the ages of 8 and 18.  This year, the class will be facilitated online using emails and zoom meetings.  If you are interested in taking this class, please be sure to include it when you register for the Summer Reading Program.

Schedule of Events

Each week, participants will receive a package from the Copper Queen Library in the mail, which will include books, reading incentives, and program activity guides.  The Library will also be sending out our Summer Reading Weekly eNewsletter that will contain even more ideas for activities that you can do at home and in your neighborhood.  Check out the schedule below!

Week 1 : Welcome to the Summer Reading Program

Welcome to the Copper Queen Library's Summer Reading Program, Tails and Tales. 

Week 2 : For the Birds!

Week 2 is for the birds!  This week we will be asking our Summer Reading participants to learn more about our feathered friends.  Our activity guide will feature tips on attracting birds to your backyard, as well as DIY ideas to create your own bird feeder.  Also included in this week's packet will be a blank field guide journal that you can use to record what you see, feel, smell and here when you are outside observing nature.  You can even use it to sketch what you see!

Week 3 : All About Pets!

Week 3 will be all about pets and the language of animals.  Do you have a pet at home?  If so, what kind?  There are so many different types of pets out there...from pet rocks to plants, to cats and dogs!  This week's activity guide will help you translate what your pets are trying to tell you. 

Week 4 : Fantastical Creatures, Real and Imaginary

This week will dive into the worlds of Harry Potter and other imaginary places populated with fantastical creatures!  We will also be exploring real-life fantastical beasts and where to find them. 

Week 5 : Animal Friendships

This week is all about animal friendships.  We are not the only creatures on our planet that likes to form friendships!  Our program guide will help you understand animal relationships and will even have you examining your own pets' relationships with each other. 

Week 6 : Famous Animals

This week we will be talking and writing about famous animals, both real and imaginary.  What's your favorite book?  Whatever it is, we bet there is an animal character in it that you just love!  Authors love to write about animals because it gives us a chance to understand our world from the point of view of the animals themselves. 

Week 7 : Desert Creepy Crawly Things

Our desert is filled with many creepy, crawly things.  This week's program guide will focus on desert insects, both scary and beautiful.  We will also teach you how to make a garden at home to attract butterflies to your backyard so you can observe them up close and personal!

Week 8 : Be Kind Campaign

This week's program will help you get ready for school, with tips on creating a kindness campaign at your school, as well as tips to help you be kind to yourself!