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Summer Reading Registration Packet 2020


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  • Step One

    1. Imagine Your Story
    2. Summer Reading Program Registration 2020
      Welcome to this year's Copper Queen Library Summer Reading Program, "Imagine Your Story!" This summer, we're doing things a little differently: To make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy, we are offering a Summer Reading Subscription where participants can register for weekly mailings of books, family activity program guides, and other reading incentives. We are really excited to offer this program and encourage you to complete the online registration for each of your children. Because supplies are limited, registrations will be prioritized to local Bisbee, Naco, and surrounding unincorporated areas being served by the Copper Queen Library. Please register early, as space is limited.
    3. This is an 8-week program that will take place during June and July 2020.
    4. Please note any special needs the participant may have.
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