Charter Review Committee

Regular Meetings

  • This Committee Meets Every 5 years 
  • The last time it met was 2012
  • Held in the City of Bisbee Council Chambers
  • Located at 915 S. Tovreaville Rd., Bisbee, AZ 85603

Work Sessions

  • Are held on an as needed basis. 

Charter Review Committee Agendas, Minutes and Public Notices 



WARD II           


Danielle Bouchever                           William Crow                                   Oney Crowley
Thomas Holz                                      Lisbeth Hines                                  Duane Earl Doane 
Sean Hicks                                          Fred Miller                                       Juanetta Hill 
Boyd Nicholl                                       Catherine Wright                            Sandra Hummingbird

Original Freeholder: Tom Wheeler 
Recent Member: Sylvia Anable 

Ashlee Coronado, City Clerk Staff Liaison  
David M. Smith, Mayor- Council Liaison 
Theresa Coleman, City Manager