Transparency Portal

 City of Bisbee

 In an effort to provide a more inclusive and transparent budget, the City of Bisbee is pleased to present  our Open Budget/Transparency Portal. The City of Bisbee partnered with OpenGov to provide a new  web-­‐based financial transparency and business intelligence tool that dynamically presents the City’s  revenues and expenses, from multi-­‐year trends to line item level details.

By leveraging the OpenGov platform, residents and staff can use this website to have access and a better understanding of the City of Bisbee’s budget and actual expenditures.  Explore City of Bisbee and get a feel for a new level of transparency. For additional context and descriptions of the City’s departments and programs, please refer to our Budget Overview online.

 There's nothing quite like being able to examine financial data by yourself by viewing charts and graphs or  downloading the information into an excel spreadsheet. That’s why the City of Bisbee has engaged with  OpenGov to assist with providing the public an interactive way to learn more about the city’s finances. This  resource is a part of the City of Bisbee ongoing effort to enhance transparency and public engagement in  city government.

While the City of Bisbee has shown its commitment to financial transparency by posting financial documents on our City’s website, including the past and current budgets and audited financial statements, sometimes additional information may be sought out by citizens. Oftentimes that information is most easily understood through interactive charts and graphs.

The City of Bisbee is providing actual historical budget data from last five years for public review. We hope to strengthen the connection between our local government and our community members. The City of Bisbee is committed to honest budget, responsible spending, and financial transparency. In this spirit, the City has partnered with OpenGov to provide its citizens and stakeholders with the Financial Transparency Portal. The portal is designed to bring visibility, openness, and accountability to our operations.

This site provides you the opportunity to view, filter, and analyze revenue, expense, and balance sheet financial data. You can analyze financial trends from the last five years.   Also, you are not limited to viewing your City’s financial data online. You can download the data (i.e. in Excel) for offline analysis.

OpenGov How-­‐to Guide:

OpenGov allows you to explore budget and historical finances in a simple graphical user interface.

        You'll notice the title of the Report you are viewing in the top left corner.

        Click on Saved on the left-­‐hand side to view a list of common or favorite views on each report

        Select Filter to display key menus

        You can use the Show drop-­‐down to select the data that is of most interest to you.

        Use the Broken Down By drop-­‐down to specify the category you would like the data                   organized by in your chart or graph.

        Select the Filtered By option to view the data filters. These filters will allow you select                   exactly which data you want to include, or exclude, from your graph or chart.

        Use the Search function within each filter to find exactly what you are looking for.

        If your organization has uploaded multiple years of data, a Fiscal Year slider will be present             below the Filtered By menu. Move the sliders to choose the fiscal year(s) whose data you               would like to see.

        There are five different types of visual representations of the data:

         A stacked percentage graph to see percentage changes over time

         A stacked line graph to visualize overall trends over time.

         A line graph overlaying each trend over time.

         A pie chart to view percentage breakdowns by year. To view data for other years, move the slider below the pie chart.

         A bar chart comparing trends and percentage breakdowns over time.

        Below any chart or graph, you can view a Table detailing the financial information in             the visualization above.

        Use the Help drop-­‐down in the top right corner to:

         View a short How-­‐To Guide with tips on navigating the platform.

      ○         Recall the Welcome Screen.

         View a short Budget 101 primer with basic information on multi-­‐fund accounting.

         Contact the administrators of the account.

        Use the Share drop-­‐down in the top right corner to:

         Share your customized graph or chart through social media.

         Send a link to your customized graph or chart through email.

        Use the Download drop-­‐down in the top right corner to:

         Download an image of the graph or table as a .png file.

         Download a spreadsheet as a .csv file.

For additional information on OpenGov and to access education materials, please visit:

OpenGov Company Overview:

OpenGov is the market leader for government financial transparency, data visualization, and business intelligence software. OpenGov’s cloud-­‐based financial analysis platform enables governments to collaborate more effectively, make smarter data-­‐driven decisions, and build trust and engagement through greater transparency. The company currently serves over 250 municipal governments across 36 states, ranging from large counties and cities like Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Miami, to mid-­‐size cities including Anaheim and Fort Lauderdale, as well as numerous small cities, school districts and special districts.