SANITATION: Call 432-6002, Public Works Department for: 
-Free yard debris pickup (maximum 2 cubic yards, branches not to exceed 3 feet long). 
-Used appliances and furniture pickup ($30 fee). 
-Mowing and public right-of-way maintenance. 
-Complaints/ issues regarding garbage service and sanitation. 
-Neighborhood Watch program support. 
-Equipment, recycling and transport support for neighborhood cleanup campaign. 

POLICE: Call 432-2261, ext. 9, to: 
-Report parking violations ("No vehicle shall be parked on public right-of-way for a continuous period of time in excess of 48 hours." City Code, Article 12.3). 
-Report animal control and abuse issues.
-Alert Police of neighborhood concerns/ suspicious behavior. For emergencies, call 911
-Establish and receive support for Neighborhood Watch program. 

FIRE: Call 432-4110, to: 
-Report fire hazards and suspected fire code violations. 
-Request a fire inspection of your home/ business for safety suggestions. 
BUILDING INSPECTOR: Call 432-6015, for: 
-Enforcement of International Property Maintenance Code/ Uniform Building Code. 
-Enforcement of outdoor storage and junk car provisions of Bisbee Zoning Regulations. 
- Assistance in undertaking a neighborhood cleanup campaign. 
SPECIAL NEEDS: For Further Assistance, contact: 
-City Manager, Theresa Coleman, 432-6014, 
-City Council; WARD ! 
-City Council: WARD II 
-City Council: WARD III