City Clerk History

Early Days
The City of Bisbee has had a City Clerk since it was first incorporated in 1902. After the Mayor and Council were selected, it was the job of the 1902 Council to select a City Clerk. Today, under the Bisbee City Charter, the City Clerk, appointed by the City Manager with the approval of the City Council, is responsible to the Mayor and Council.

Duties of the City Clerk
Back in the early 1900's, the City Clerk was responsible for the records of the City and also for City elections just like the City Clerk of today. While the records of yesterday were handwritten and later typewritten, today's agendas and minutes, ordinances and resolutions are prepared on computers and, while paper records are still maintained, records are now scanned and available for staff and the public in the City's Information Center. The City Clerk Office also provides updated information to the City website for those interested surfers.