Ken Budge

City Council
Title: Mayor 2022-2024
Phone: 520-432-0553

Ken Budge was born and raised in the small town of Union near Salt Lake City, Utah. After attending Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah, he started working for the Eimco Mining Equipment Co. In 1974 he was hired by the Salt Lake County Fire Department. He became one of the first EMT’s in Utah and in 1976 went on to Weber State College to become one of only 30 licensed Paramedics in the State of Utah. He continued to work as a Firefighter/Paramedic his entire career. After attending Utah Valley State College and graduating with a degree in Fire Science Administration, he was promoted to the rank of Captain in 1994. Ken retired in September of 2000.

In 1990 he campaigned for a Legislative Seat at the Utah House of Representatives, only to win the primary but lost by 4% in the general election. During his career he held several offices in the IAFF, Local 1696. He was also a lobbyist for the Professional Firefighters of Utah, at both the state and federal level, where he worked unpaid for over 10 years to improve health and safety, retirement benefits, and many other causes on behalf of Firefighters and Public Safety Officers. He was appointed and later became Chairman of the Utah State Retirement System Membership Board.

He has served the City of Bisbee in many capacities. He was a Ward 1 Council Member from 2007 through 2014. He has also served as the Chairman of the City of Bisbee Design and Review Board, Chairman of the Civil Service Commission, Chairman of the Police and Fire Advisory Committee, a member of the Board of Adjustment and as an executive member of the Upper San Pedro Partnership.

His wife Mary Alice is a retired school teacher. They have one daughter, Sonia, who works as a Clinical Pharmacist at Providence Health Systems in Olympia, Washington, two grandsons, and one granddaughter. In 1995 they purchased a home in Old Bisbee and started restoring it in 2000, and in January 2004 they moved to Bisbee full time. After 6 years of challenging work, their 1907 Caretto house is truly restored, and continues to contribute to the National Historical Registry. They welcome you to stop by.


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