Streets Division

The Streets Fund provides for the operation and maintenance of streets, alleys, sidewalks, stairs, drainage channels, retaining walls, right of ways, and street lighting throughout the City. Currently the main source of funding for the Streets Fund is the 1% sales tax adopted December 16th, 2014. The purpose of this tax is for the maintenance, repair, replacement and improvement of the 42 miles of City streets and related infrastructure. The other major source of funding for the Streets Fund is the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF). HURF funds are designated by the state to be used for all costs related to street maintenance and repair. Aside from road paving and repair work performed by the Streets Department employees, other responsibilities include repairing, replacing, or installing traffic and pedestrian signage, controlling vegetation which may impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic or the visibility of signs or markers, preparation and clean-up of all events conducted in the City, and open/close of cemetery plots. Since the City discourages the use of herbicides, the vegetation must be cleared manually on roadside, public walkways and drainage ways in the City. The 1% tax was set to expire March 1st 2023 but was renewed by the voters and going forward will be shared with the General Fund. The large fund balance in streets along with incoming revenue will be used to continue street paving projects. The Streets Department consists of five full-time equipment operators.