Wastewater Division

The Wastewater Fund provides collection and treatment of all wastewater produced in the City of Bisbee. In addition to maintaining the collection system which consists of thousands of feet of sewer mains, Wastewater staff are responsible for making Blue Stake requests. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently operated by Operations Management International (Jacobs) at a cost of $815,275 per year. Jacobs assumes all costs to operate and makes most repairs to the plant with the exception of the electric bill and maintenance of the solar grid. The City continues to maintain the collection system which includes the pumps and infrastructure throughout the City that carries the wastewater to the treatment plant. The Wastewater Fund is supported mainly by user fees. These fees cover the operational costs of the department with a small amount of surplus. However, any large/expensive repairs are not covered by the small surplus and the surplus does not cover the $1.3 million annual depreciation expense on the Wastewater plant and equipment. As the value of the assets depreciate over time and repairs on the aging plant are required the Wastewater fund balance decreases as show in the graph below.  The Wastewater Department is budgeted for four Wastewater Collection Systems Operators.